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End Discrimination In Fowlerville High School

Hi.My name is Carleigh Kater. I attended Fowlerville High School for my entire school career up until the last semester of my senior year. The second semester of my senior year, I switched to an online program through Fowlerville High School called FOLA (Fowlerville Online Learning Academy). I did this because I became pregnant and chose to have my baby. I'm really hoping that most of you will read my entire story and help me out as best as you can. Although there is no guarantee this petition will change the school boards mind, I am hoping that it will at least make a difference. So if you could please take a few minutes out of your day and listen to my story, and please sign my petition, I will be entirely grateful even if this does not achieve my goal. So back to my story. My senior year I attended my entire first semester of school, without missing any more days than I was aloud, even though I would have been able to get a doctors note for any missed days. I scheduled my appointments for the baby for after school so that I would be able to attend the full school day and not miss any of my classes. I attended all of my six hours of classes every day and I finished the semester with straight A's and B's. During my normal six hours at the school, I had one class that was an academic focus class. Meaning it was online and I was placed in there to make up the credits I had lost in my previous years of attending the school. So on top of my normal five classes, I also received credit for my academic focus class that I did five online classes in, AND started on one of my second semester classes so that I could get ahead and not have so much work to do once the baby arrived. The total number of classed I completed in one semester was 11 classes when the actual number for a normal student is only 6. Before I switched to doing online schooling completely, my mother and i both asked many of the school officials if I would still be able to participate in graduation like everybody else at the school gets to do and if I would be treated as if I was a high school student (which I technically am) and get to walk with my friend at graduation. My mother and I were both told numerous times that I would be able to walk with my friend at graduation and I would not be treated any differently even though I do their online program. Now that graduation is only a week away, I was told that I have to walk at the back of the line of graduates during the graduation ceremony on Sunday, June 1st. Mind you, I have all the credits i need in order to graduate and I am on track, I have not been in any trouble nor have I ever even been suspended during my four high school years. I feel as if I am being very wrongly discriminated against and I should be able to walk with my friend at graduation and not in the back of the line with someone who the school wont even tell me who it is that they have me walking with. At Fowlerville High School, we do not walk in alphabetical order or any certain order at all for graduation, we simply pick someone that we would like to walk with, and that's who we walk with, but for me, it's not that easy. I feel as if I have already been discriminated against because I missed out on my senior prom because "they know my boyfriend and I were trying to go together" and "we would both need guest passes". One of my good friends that attends the school had guest passes for both of us and my boyfriend and I were still both denied the opportunity to attend. I guess what I am asking is that if you would please sign this petition in hopes that I get to walk with my friend at graduation like a normal student, that would be a great amount of help. I am tired of feeling like i'm being discriminated against because I had a child and I do not attend the high school itself. I am hoping this helps in some way, shape, or form, for me to be treated by the schools like a normal student and I get to walk with my friend at graduation and not in the back of the line,there are other FOLA students that are not being treated like this, and that is the reason I feel as if I am being discriminated against. So if you could please understand where I am coming from and sign this, it would help me out more than you could imagine.Carleigh kater

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